VEEV TC-83 C3H/HeN Mouse Model

VEEV TC-83 C3H/HeN Mouse Model

The VEEV TC-83 mouse model used at George Mason University is based on the model described by Julander et al. [1]. Female C3H/HeN mice, 6-8 weeks of age, are infected intranasally with a 90% lethal dose (2 X 107 pfu) of VEEV TC-83. Animals develop symptoms that are reflective of severe neurotropic human disease including high viral titers in the brain.

Common readouts for this model include weight, survival, health observations, serum and organ titers, and cytokine analysis.


1. Julander JG et al. C3H/HeN mouse model for the evaluation of antiviral agents for the treatment of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus infection. Antiviral Res. 2008 Jun;78(3):230-41

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