VEEV TrD Balb/c Mouse Model

VEEV TrD BALB/c Mouse Model

Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus (VEEV) is known to highly infectious by the aerosol route of infection; therefore a BALB/c mouse model of infection has been established to mimic this route of infection. In this model, female BALB/c mice, 6-8 weeks of age, are exposed to aerosolized VEEV TrD. VEEV TrD is aerosolized using a Collison nebulizer and a whole body chamber. Our model reproducibly induces 100% mortality when animals are exposed to a presented dose of 540 pfu/mouse of VEEV TrD. Animals develop symptoms that are reflective of severe neurotropic human disease including high viral titers in the brain. Common readouts for this model include weight, survival, health observations, serum and organ titers, and cytokine analysis.

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